20K Extra Review: is it worth the price? Unbiased review


Are you looking for proven ways to scale up your business?

I’m talking about an additional $ 20,000 a month …

There are no large-scale changes, overhead, or unusual actions.

Kevin Fachey, who has a talent for creating formulas, case studies and training programs to help the masses, has just opened the door for 20K Extra.

Inside, you will find the fastest way to add $ 20,000 per month to your business.

Even if you are just starting out, you can follow successful business models and strategies to find the best system for you. No more turning the wheel.

What Is 20K EXTRA?

As we all know, there are various types of online business models that include initial and low ticket promotions, average ticket and promotions, software, high tickets, advice, and recurring income. Most marketers deal with at least three of these models. But which model provides the best results, which model is the most scalable, and how can you adjust the numbers to make an additional $ 20,000 a month?

That teaches 20K Extras. I made it clear that there is no right or wrong business model because all methods can generate an additional $ 20,000 a month, and we will show a direct example for everyone.

This training can be used for those who are just starting to learn a profitable business model, have a plan, and are ready to take action. For those who have already made money, we will show you how to integrate your number into the system and how many adjustments you can make with thousands or tens of thousands every month.

The main 20K additional training is in Module 1 and Module 2, and we have scheduled 3 hours of affiliate marketing training and 4 hours of product development training for those who want higher quality training for each of these models.

Why should you buy 20k extra?

  • Case Study, Formula & Training To Generating $20K Extra/Month
  • Will Work For Newbies Showing Them The Fastest Way to $20K Per Month

  • Experienced Marketers Can Use This To Earn An Extra $20K/WEEK!
  • One Hour Core Training, With Formulas + 7 Hours Bonus Training
  • No Min Sales Required – $500 Cash Prizes – Super Low Refunds

What’s inside 20k extra?

Module #1 – Introduction: 13 minutes 37 seconds

Module #2 – Part 1: The Six Modules 20 minutes 15 seconds

Module #2 – Part 2: The Worksheet Example 16 minutes 59 seconds

Module #2 – Part 3: Getting Your Data 6 minutes 06 seconds

Module #3 – Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (18 Videos) 201 minutes 3 seconds

    • Introduction: 3 minutes 31 seconds
    • The Top 3 Affiliate Networks: 13 minutes 37 seconds
    • What Makes A Good Affiliate:  4 minutes 29 seconds
    • Picking The Right Product:  32 minutes 57 seconds
    • Promotion Planning:  12 minutes 45 seconds
    • Making Connections:  10 minutes 02 seconds
    • Getting Approved:  12 minutes 04 seconds
    • Creating Your Review Video:  12 minutes 39 seconds
    • Creating Your Bonus Page:  24 minutes 26 seconds
    • Creating Your Blog Post:  7 minutes 35 seconds
    • Creating Your Squeeze Page:  9 minutes 52 seconds
    • Preparing For The Traffic Influx:  10 minutes 02 seconds
    • Preselling Bonus Page Tip: 3 minutes 53 seconds
    • Free Traffic With Facebook:  7 minutes 10 seconds
    • FB Messenger Hacks:  13 minutes 44 seconds
    • Getting Free Traffic With Social Media:  3 minutes 51 seconds
    • $5 Per DayTraffic & Leads:  8 minutes 45 seconds
    • Scaling Up With Paid Traffic: 9 minutes 41 seconds

Module #4 – Product Creation Training (10 Videos) 4 Hours, 15 minutes 11 seconds

    • Setting Up A Sales Funnel: 18 minutes 56 seconds
    • Setting Up Your JV Page: 10 minutes 59 seconds
    • Launch Your First Product With No JVs: 13 minutes 23 seconds
    • Making Our Your Promotion: 12 minutes 12 seconds
    • Closing High Ticket Sales: 14 minutes 57 seconds
    • Leveraging Profits: 21 minutes 31 seconds
    • Advanced Affiliate Attraction: 62 minutes 28 seconds
    • Super Funnel Training: 81 minutes 44 seconds
    • Trello Training: 5 minutes 19 seconds
    • Product Launching Calculator: 9 minutes 40 seconds

20k extra walkthrough:






FE: 20X EXTRA – $9.95 – $12.95

(Full Breakdown Of Product Training Inside The JV Doc)

OTO#1: – $14.86

OTO#2: IM Checklist Trial $3 for 5 Days then $17.95/month

OTO#3: IM Checklist Package (460 Checklists) $197

OTO#4: IM Traffic: $37.00

Bonus from author :

Bonus Files Included:

  • 20K Extra Spreadsheet Formula
  • 20K Extra The Six Methods Spreadsheet  Formula
  • My Personal Accounts Planner Spreadsheet Formula
  • Product Launch Calculator Spreadsheet Formula

Additional Bonuses Included

  • Solo Ad Escape
  • Dropout Entenpenuer
  • 11 Questions To Success
  • Open Rate Explosion

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