5 tips to lower your electricity bill at home

Monitor your electricity, heating and hot water expenses Heating and hot water production accounts for 75% of a household's energy expenditure. To reduce your electricity...
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History of Electricity

Nicola Tesla. The history of discovery and evolution of electricity has taken over 26 centuries. Today we will try to understand what kind of monster...
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The world’s leading countries in the use of renewable energy

The shift to renewable energy is a reality. And although there is still some way to go, the truth is that some countries clearly...

How to save energy in an apartment?

It's hard to imagine yourself without electrical devices today. TVs, computers, refrigerators, washing machines, lighting and sometimes heating - all these devices are conditioned...
artificial photosynthesis Power efficiency guide

Copied from nature – artificial photosynthesis

It sounds like a dream: simply using sunlight to generate fuel from CO2 and water. You would kill two birds with one stone: First,...
generating electricity Power efficiency guide

Is Generating Electricity on Your Own Possible?

Many people want to generate electricity themselves not only to save money. Environmental aspects and independence from electricity suppliers are often central to the...
build your own energy source Power efficiency guide

Build your own home Electricity Generator – DIY and save!

Let's just say that for the sake of discussion, we decided to investigate the possibility of installing their own source of electrical energy in...
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Slow-discharge batteries: how to choose them?

The characteristics of slow-discharge batteries make them suitable for powering certain vehicles, such as motor homes, boats or tractors. They can also be used...
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How to take care of your electric car battery?

The battery of an electric car is a complex element, which constitutes one third of the value of an Electric Vehicle (EV). It is...
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The ageing of traction batteries

Traction batteries, which store the energy needed to operate electric cars, are complex energy storage systems that are the scene of numerous electrochemical reactions....