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12 Ways to Help Children with Reading Difficulties

In her book Emilia proposes tracks and activities to help children with reading difficulties. These exercises or advice will help children to access the...
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How to develop a child’s memory skills

Memory is an active process; your child's brain will not absorb the calendar, algebra or periodic table on its own. He will need to...
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What to do if a child can’t read in first grade

The problem when a child finishing Grade 1 still can't read is common. Therefore, the first thing recommended for parents is not to get...
child can read but doesnt want to children reading learing

If Your Child Can Read, But Doesn’t Want To

10 verified reasons : We recommend you to try: Children Reading learning is a program created forĀ children aged 2-7 years can quickly improve their reading...
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Is your child not able to read? Read this

About sixty percent of today's first graders have trouble reading. And eight per cent of such children still have problems in the future. In...
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8 Important Tips for Baby Sleep Hygiene

Here are the tips for your baby's sleep hygiene If you have problem with making your baby sleep at night, try Baby Sleep Miracle Program,...
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Advancing New Foods Influences Baby’s Sleep

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers breast milk to be the ideal food for the baby during the first six months. After that, exclusive...
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5 Common Myths About Baby’s Sleep

Sleep experts tell you about the five childhood sleep myths that you should ignore if you want to establish a healthy routine for your...