About our Team

Hi, I’m the David.Founder of Digital Forum TV . Im an internet marketer with over 5 years of experience in this industry.

I recommend powerful tools, plugins or software which I have tested personally and which gives me pretty good results.


Eddie B. Munoz from Finland is actively involved in Research in Alternative Energy especially pertaining to Solar Energy.

Ann K. Jackson is a Personality development and spirituality Coach based in LA, USA.

Jerry J. Carson is a Relationship coach.He in his career over a decade ,has saved 100’s of marriages and relationships breaking up.

Alex P. Olivares is a senior researcher in alternative energy.He has  worked on engineering aspects of solar cells and modules.

Christopher M. Fagan is a  Personal Development Coach based in Michigan.With over 20 years of experience he is senior and most charming personality in our team.

Rita R. Weston is a relationship coach based in Toronto Canada.With her rich experience we are glad to have her on board to giving dating tips to our young audience.

Martin Williams is a budding affiliate marketer who is seeing tremendous success under guidance of mentor and founder of Digital Forum Tv, David Williams.